Taiwan High Mountain Afternoon Tea Set

Taiwan High Mountain Afternoon Tea Set

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Enjoy the 'mountain chi' of Taiwan with this high-mountain oolong tea.

Hand-picked and non-machine processed, each tea leaf is individually inspected and approved to meet quality standards.

Our tea bags are specially designed to promote a more efficient infusion of these higher quality tea leaves.

This product contains 10 individually packaged tea bags with some cookies and pastry baked goods, and may easily be stored or given to others as a gift. An additional hand-made gift bag is included.

Each brewing may elicit different flavors, depending on the brewing method, time, and water temperature. Optimal brewing instructions are provided on the packaging.

Products have been tested for quality assurances, and have passed Taiwanese government pesticide inspection standards (符合中華民國國家標準) as well as United States standards.

Due to packaging processes, over time the outside packaging may become discolored. The tea leaves inside will not be affected.


Tea Info
Fermentation Level 20%
Harvest Location Nantou County, Taiwan
Harvest Method Hand-picked
Harvest Season Winter
Leaf Type Whole Leaf (Pearl-shape)
Tea Type Oolong Tea